Warning: These conditions are valid only for the last version of fmobile, please read them again if your version number is different. After each update, you will be prompted to read the conditions again.

Privacy Policy - FMobile

FMobile is a worldwide mobile networking application. It allows to take advantage of the best of the network by eliminating national roaming, get immediate alerts when roaming internationally in a country that is not included in your data plan, or even switch off the cellular data automatically for you, as you choose. It also features a speedtest tool built-in and an international coverage map.

The app requires to collect locations data in background to operate, but we will not collect these data unless you are willing to participate to the international coverage map.

Data collected by us:

  • None, if you do not participate the coverage map from the app.

  • If you decide to participate to the optional anonymous-filled coverage map, we will collect the following data: latitude and longitude (the accuracy may vary depending on your GPS signal, and we are using a precision of 0.001, which is about the surface of two building blocks), SIM card and current network codes, and current protocol.
    Example: 41.435 (latitude) | 3.245 (longitude) | 208-15 (SIM card network code) | 262-01 (current network code) | LTE (current protocol)

  • We use these data ONLY in order to display them in the coverage map section of the app. We will never use these data to make profit out of them, their usage is strictly restricted to build a coverage map by and for the users of the app. You can access all the features of the app, including viewing the coverage map even if you don't participate to the coverage map.
    Keep in mind we built the coverage map for public statistics purposes only. We will never collect any additionnal data allowing us to track you. Therefore, your rights of data access, data portability, data deletion do not apply, since we cannot tell which device sent which data on our massive database, however you can turn off your participation for future spots of the map in the app at any time.

Data collected by the Application locally, not sent anywhere:

  • Location in background
  • Carrier informations

  • Current connection informations (Wi-Fi and Cellular)

Data collected by the Application Store: (refer to their respective terms of use)

  • Number of installations and updates
  • Device model informations
  • Country
  • Application usage statistics