Warning: These conditions are valid only for the last version of baseconverter, please read them again if your version number is different. After each update, you will be prompted to read the conditions again.

BaseConverter - iOS - Free

BaseConverter is a small app to convert numbers in decimal/binary/hexadecimal. All the calculations are made on the device, so the application doesn’t need any Internet connection to work. The application is ad-free, and the advertisements modules have not been implemented in the application so your activity is not recorded by our application. We do not collect any data from the application, every task is done locally and no data of the calculations are stored on the device. The application is login-free, so we will never ask you to provide any of your data in order to use it. We don’t process any personal data in this application. However, please be aware that your phone could be infected by spywares or malwares that are not associated with us but may track your activity on our application without neither your neither our consent or awareness. Also, please note that Apple Inc. and Google Inc. will collect country, data about your app usage, your mobile phone model informations, and the number of times you installed or updated our application, and that we have access to these data, according to the Terms of Use of each store you probably already agreed.

Data collected by us: None

Data collected by the Application Stores: (refer to their respective terms of use)

  • Number of installations and updates
  • Device model informations
  • Country
  • Application usage statistics